Succulent FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Succulents.

How long before I will receive my shipment?

We ship using USPS Priority shipping method which varies from 1 to 3 days shipping time depending on how far away you are from Michigan. It takes us 2 business days to process an order. IMPORTANT NOTE: WE ONLY HAVE SHIPMENT PICKUPS MONDAY - WEDNESDAY. Due to the fragile nature of the plants, we do not ship at the end of the week to avoid having them stuck in a box in a shipping warehouse over the weekend. If you order later than 5pm Eastern time, that order will be placed in queue the following day. For example, if you order on a Tuesday at 6pm EST, the order will be processed in our store on Thursday, but will not ship until Monday. If you purchase on Friday at 1pm EST time, your order will be processed and shipped on Tuesday.

You will get a notification when your order has shipped.

Are my plants at risk of being damaged during shipping?

We ship all over the country and have not had any problems with damaged shipments. We carefully package each order so it will arrive to you safely.

Can I order larger amounts than listed on your website for a larger bulk discount?

We offer bulk discounts up to a certain point, and these discounts are already listed on the site for the lowest price we are able to offer them at.